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Allhiphop.com ha da poco concluso un'intensa settimana dedicata interamente al Wu-Tang Clan, con interviste a tutti e 9 i membri originali del gruppo (compresa un'inedita intervista a Ol' Dirty Bastard di quattro anni fa). Per chi se le fosse perse ecco i link dove trovarle:

Inspectah Deck (Since his certified-gold debut, Uncontrolled Substance in 1999, Deck has passed from the majors to indies, to now his latest release on his fledging Urban Icon Records…), Ghostface Killa (The Staten Island 36-year-old MC clearly represents the era when rap was not so formulaic. From his unique brand of ice-cream cone eating swagger to the ‘70s sports references, "Tony Starks" is the CEO of his own enterprise…), Raekwon (When Only Built 4 Cuban Linx came out in 1995, he launched a genre within rap, using coded language to describe cocaine sales. Armed with a concept, dope beats and a charismatic partner-in-crime, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef carved out a spot in Hip-Hop history for himself…), Masta Killa (Masta Killa was the silent horse, called upon for lethal injection as needed. While the rest of the Wu released groundbreaking LPs and devoured pieces of the industry pie, Masta Killa played his position as the underground lion waiting for his time to roar…), U-God (In October of 1999, U-God dropped his heavily anticipated solo debut, Golden Arms Redemption, and the album went on to perform respectably…), Ol' Dirty Bastard (There was no figuring out Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Was he a wily Hip-Hop jester or a tragically misunderstood apostle of the Wu-Tang Clan? Both scenarios, and all points in between, are debatable, but what is certain is that his deeds were legendary…), Rza (Most of the movies that I’ve done so far—except for Soul Plane—were my choice. I did that one for the money. The funny thing about Soul Plane was that Meth was in the movie, and I was doing the score, but neither one of us had anything to do what with the other one did…), Gza (When your name is "The Genius" you have a very high standard to live up to. There is no room for mediocrity. Your fans expect complexity, creativity, and mind-blowing metaphors, every time, and lyrically the GZA delivers…), Method Man Pt. 1 e Pt.2 (Method Man's name, stage persona and music are defined by an intoxicating mixture of gruff flows, sharp lyricism and witty magnetism. Truth be told, he was the only member of Wu-Tang Clan recognizable to the general population for the longest…).

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