Riversplash 2010 annullato

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Un altro duro colpo per gli amanti del buon reggae. Dopo la defezione del Rototom dall'Italia, anche il festival sloveno Riversplash ha dovuto dare forfait per mancanza di fondi. Questo il comunicato ufficiale preso dal sito del festival www.riversplash.si

"Dear all,

we are sorry to inform you, that we are forced to cancel this years Riversplash due to financial problems. We had unsuccessful talks with sponsors past few weeks, but all the effort was not enough to close financial structure of the festival. Cancelation was our last resort but in past few days it became unavoidable. We are very sorry for all the fans and incredible media support that we received lately after last years Riversplash was a bomb. But we believe that in long term planing we decided in favor of a festival which deserves only the best, not to be done with too low budget.

On our website we will soon publish when and how we will refound money for bought tickets.

After that we are finishing this project and since we want to keep the festival alive we will start working on Riversplash 2011.

Thanks for understanding

Fat Dance Promotions crew"

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