Lil Sci live a Pompei (Na)

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<p>Riceviamo e pubblichiamo:</p><blockquote><p>&nbsp;Venerdi 30 Luglio 2010 – Piazza Schettini – Area Fonte Salutare di Pompei (Na)<br /><br /><br />Start<br /><br />Ore 18.30 Fresh Funk Selecta (Free Floor 4 B-Boyz)<br /><br />Dj DinaMike (Frestyle Concept) , Dj Snatch , LucianoPain &amp; Dj deef (InFunkWeTrust) Dj Rogo (Dint Records)<br /><br />Ore 21 Live Rap<br /><br />Emcee O&#39;zi , ProDue (O&#39;Gemell&amp;Raz) , Il Signor Lui (Ramtzu,A.Tamburino,Skiattakiattilli) T.I.K Bros (O&#39;Kiatt &amp; Dopeone) Skillz &amp; Rhymes Family , La Stiva<br /><br />Special Guest<br /><br /><strong>Lil Sci</strong> aka John Robinson (Sciez of Life – Usa ) Lewis Parker (Uk)<br />**********************INGRESSOLIBERO*************************<br /><br /><br />John Robinson Biography<br /><br />The fundamentals of foundational Hip-Hop pulsate vibrantly through the veins of the multi-dimensional artist, John Robinson. Born in the South Bronx and raised in Far Rockaway, Queens, this native New Yorker has sojourned through the underground scenes of New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and Los Angeles with the result of creating a sound that is universally magnetic to hip-hop audiences of various backgrounds. With his Nas-like vocal tone and calm demeanor akin to C.L Smooth, Robinson AKA Lil Sci of the world-renowned east coast group Scienz of Life, rekindles his alter ego to autobiographically introduce to his new chiseled personality that spits nothing less than lyrical perfection. Now is the time for the world to be faced with the question &ldquo;Who is this man? As Robinson embarks upon introducing his biggest record to date, Executive produced and overseen by none other than the Super Villain MF DOOM.<br /><br />Inspired by Hip-Hop legends such as KRS-1, Slick Rick, Brand Nubian and KMD to name a few, JR has been rocking mics since before his first chin hair. These same legends helped Robinson to mold himself to a scientific sort of political advisor that enjoys speaking to audiences both en masse and one person at a time. And having performed with the likes of The Roots, Common, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Run DMC, MF DOOM and many others nationally and internationally (i.e. Rome, Switzerland, Germany and Paris) John Robinson is a proven performance aficionado. If that weren&rsquo;t enough this super energetic emcee, well seasoned in the marketing side and the creative side of urban music has elevated to the executive level. Currently the President of Shaman Work Recordings, John is currently manning the release of the new solo albums of hip-hop veteran C.L. Smooth of the historical Pete Rock and CL Smooth and Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers.<br /><br />Disguised as an All-American entertainer John Robinson is truly crouching rapper hidden freedom fighter and this is clever interwoven in his music. Written in the character of his alter ego &ldquo;Lil Sci&rdquo;(introducing John Robinson to the audible world) his music speaks to every true hip-hop fan. His lyrics are scribed with sheer poetic acumen and his beats pound manhole covers off of city streets.<br />In a world of rancidly stale excuses for music, this Shaman Work president reps the name of his label by bringing forth a musical healing that is probably one of the reasons hip-hop hasn&rsquo;t plunged into the bottom of the sea. And with a catalogue that dates back to 1996 it&rsquo;s a definite blessing to the world that John Robinson rhymes.<br /><br />Creating adeptly with stealth and panache, John Robinson proves to not only be a gem to every studio he graces, he also composes music that is regarded as crown jewels to his cohorts. Upon indulging in his music, listeners will be swept away by the soulfully rich tracks, stitched to Robinson&rsquo;s warm and melodic utterances of messages as down to earth as Studio One style reggae music but cutting edge and ahead of it&rsquo;s time. The ultimate performer, this Aries dragon isn&rsquo;t just a lyricist but a producer and music business mogul as well. And he uses each of these talents to concoct a musical package that stands to be heralded as a top-flight hip-hop classic.<br /><br />Lewis Parker Bio<br /><br />Rapper Lewis Parker was born in London but grew up in Canterbury with fellow producer DJ Bias. While still only a teenager Lewis released &quot;B Boy Antiks&quot; and &quot;Rise&quot; through Trevor Jackson&#39;s Bite It! label. The EP and 12&quot; featured some of the finest production to come out of the UK hiphop scene, more reminiscent of Pete Rock and DITC than Hijack or Gunshot. It took a long time for him to sign an album deal, eventually going with Massive Attack&#39;s Virgin imprint &quot;Melankolic&quot; where he released. </p></blockquote>

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