Akinsanya – Kween Naani

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L’etichetta nipponica Junior Wize è pronta per rilasciare il 2909 giugno un nuovo progetto di marca ska dedicato all’eroe nazionale giamaicano Queen Nanny.
La chitarra principale è suonata dal leggendario Earl Chinna Smith.
Il pezzo vede la collaborazione come featuring di Gaamang Gloria Simms aka Mauma G che canta in lingua kromanti.
Ecco il testo della canzone:

Honour InI first lady Kween Naanii,(a yankipo saasi Dee) woman of the Ashanti
Salute for your bravery, honour Mama( da woman deh oh)

Naanii sell out
Queen Naani sell out
Quenn Nanni neva sell wi out
Ashanti Bushi Kunde no sell neva sell out

Verse 1:
She neva sign no peace treaty fi di beast come least treat wi
Shi neva sign no papers nor clause to commit treason nor fraud
Shi neva sign away our birthright, no shi neva sign
Shi knows how the enemy, not her own kind.

Verse 2:
Kween Nyabinghi and Queen Naani, the spirits are one yes one
Yaa Asantewa and Kween Ensinga the spirits are one same one
Strategic military planner our Queens their are a winner no easy push over
Tek refuge in nature to camouflage , Kween Naanii a warrior at large.

Verse 3:
She warn Quao and Kudjoe telling dem not to sign , open ur eyes
She seh di treaty is a trickery to conquer rule and divide , yes conquer rule and divide
She sey breddas oh my brothers can to read between the lines, open your eyes
She seh its best to unite, ‘mongst our selves dont fight

Verse 4:
Knankunkun saasi
Da woman deh ohh da woman deh
Tana bassa cum
Chah Kunde mama
Da woman deh ohh da woman deh
A Yankunku pikibu

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